25 May

Message from Archdeacon Richard Frank

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Dear Friends in the Hounslow Deanery Chapter,

Resignation of The Revd Sarah Guinness as Hounslow Area Dean

Sarah Guinness has been a wonderful colleague and friend to many of us during this past year as she has so ably carried the role of Hounslow Area Dean. Bishop Graham asked Sarah to take on the task at the beginning of 2020 and she agreed to serve for a year to see how it sat alongside settling into her time at Brentford. Little did she, or any of us, know what that ‘initial year’ would involve!

As the new Archdeacon (and her predecessor in Hounslow, of course), I have had good reason to be grateful for her willingness to say ‘yes’ and I know that her fellow Hounslow clergy, the other Area Deans and Bishop Graham have felt the same.

This week, Sarah has decided, after much consideration, not to continue as Area Dean. She wants to focus her time and energy on the parish of Brentford as she anticipates a new curate starting this summer, the reopening of the St Paul’s café and plenty else in the pipeline. I know you will join me in praying for her in this next chapter of her ministry and time in Brentford. We are very glad to continue as her colleagues and partners in ministry and mission.

Bishop Ric (Acting Bishop of Kensington) and I feel that appointing a new Hounslow Area Dean should be for Bishop Graham on his return. I am grateful therefore that Elis Matthews, at St Mary’s Osterley Road, who has been Assistant Area Dean for much of the past year, has agreed to continue in that role and ‘hold the fort’ until the summer. When Bishop Graham returns, he will consult with the Chapter and make his decision on whom to appoint longer term.

In the meantime, may I thank you for all you have done over these past months to pray for, minister to and lead your churches through the astonishingly difficult and tiring time we have been living through. Please do be in touch if I can support you and those you serve in any way.

Every blessing

The Ven. Richard Frank
19th May 2021
cc. Bishop Graham; Bishop Ric; Fred Michell (Hounslow Deanery Lay Chair)

08 Nov

New Guidance for Lockdown 2.0

For you quick access, below is the most recent information on the new lockdown and how they pertain to Churches.

Regulations – we are sure you’ll have all seen over night that the regulations went live (available here). They set out:

  • that you can leave home to attend a Place of Worship
  • how Places of Worship can open for a number of specific purposes i.e. for individual prayer and funerals etc – each purpose will be explained in the guidance. Relevant extract from the regulations below:

(7) A person who is responsible for a place of worship must ensure that the place of worship is closed, except for uses permitted in paragraph (8) and regulation 11(18).

(8) A place of worship may be used—(a) for funerals,(b) for commemorative events celebrating the life of a person who has died,(c) to broadcast an act of worship, whether over the internet or as part of a radio or television broadcast,(d) to provide essential voluntary services or urgent public support services (including the provision of food banks or other support for the homeless or vulnerable people, blood donation sessions or support in an emergency),(e) for childcare provided by a person registered under Part 3 of the Childcare Act 2006,(f) for individual prayer, and for these purposes, “individual prayer” means prayer by individuals which does not form part of communal worship, or(g) to host any gathering which is permitted under regulation 8 or 9.

(9) A person who is responsible for a community centre or hall must ensure that the community centre or hall is closed except where it is used—(a) to provide essential voluntary activities or urgent public support services (including the provision of food banks or other support for the homeless or vulnerable people, blood donation sessions or support in an emergency),(b) for the purposes of education or training,(c) for the purposes of support groups, or(d) for the purposes of—(i) childcare provided by a person registered under Part 3 of the Childcare Act 2006, or(ii) supervised activities for children.(10) A person who is responsible for a crematorium or burial ground must ensure that the crematorium or burial ground is closed to members of the public, except—(a) for funerals or burials,(b) commemorative events celebrating the life of a person who has died, or(c) to allow a person to pay respects to a member of their household, a family member or friend.

Q&A – We thought it would be helpful to share the answers to these with you:

Who can be involved in the broadcast from a place of worship?

  • Attending a place of worship for broadcasting or filming an act of worship is permitted but should only involve those people working or volunteering who are essential for the content of the service, and for technical support to enable people to watch and worship online or via a television or radio.  
  • If musicians or singers usually form part of the act of worship that is being broadcast, they may participate but only if they are essential to the delivery of that act of worship. The numbers or people involved should be kept as small as possible to minimise risks and participants should follow social distancing guidance.  

What about Out of School Setting activities for children?  

  • The guidance from DfE covering off the impact of the new national restrictions on the education sector has just been published here
  • As such, out-of-school activities may continue to operate if their primary purpose is either/and/or: 
    • providing registered childcare 
    • offering other childcare activities, where this is reasonably necessary to enable parents to work or search for work or undertake training or education 
    • for respite care, including for vulnerable children. 
    • to be primarily used by home educating parents as part of their arrangements for their child to receive a suitable full-time education (which could include, for example, tuition centres, supplementary schools, or private tutors). 
  • Youth support services, including 1-1 youth work and support groups, may also continue to operate. 
  • All other out of school activities, not being primarily used by parents for these purposes, should close for face-to-face provision for the duration of the national restrictions. 

What constitutes a support group such as continue to take place in a Place of Worship?

  • To ensure support for the most vulnerable during this period, support groups that provide mutual aid, therapy or any other form of support can take place with up to 15 people attending, if the support group is organised by a business, a charitable, benevolent or philanthropic institution or a public body.  
  • Examples include support to: 
    • victims of crime (including domestic abuse); 
    • those with, or recovering from, addictions (including alcohol, narcotics or other substance addictions) or addictive patterns of behaviour; 
    • new parents; 
    • those with, or caring for persons with, any long-term illness or terminal condition or who are vulnerable; 
    • those facing issues related to their sexuality or identity including those living as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender; 
    • those who have suffered bereavement; and 
    • vulnerable young people, including to enable them to meet youth workers. 
  • Anyone working is not included as part of the 15 person limit. 

Hope this is helpful and do reach out to myself or Rev Sarah if you have any specific questions that aren’t answered in these documents.

With thanks,


Deanery Secretary

14 Aug

New CofE Pandemic Guidance

Hi Everyone!

To assist churches to function in line with the latest COVID requirements the following advice documents, together with relevant FAQs have now been updated on the Church of England Advice page.

Please note that this advice is currently issued in draft form, awaiting confirmation of the exact wording of government guidance for places of worship on the use of face coverings. The guidance may change as the situation evolves and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re sent the final versions.

Hope this is helpful and do reach out to myself or Rev Sarah if you have any specific questions that aren’t answered in these documents.

With thanks,


Deanery Secretary

24 Jul

Updated Guidance documents

Dear all.

Following Government Guidance updates in the past week, we wanted to let you know that the Church of England website has just been updated to include the following:

Please do familarise yourself with these documents and feel free to reach out to Sarah or myself if you have any questions.


Deanery Secretary

23 Jul

COVID-19 Government Guidance

Dear all,

Today’s update is just a quick message to take a look at the government guidance on the safe use of community facilities. So many of us use our church buildings not just for worship but as community spaces and it’s important to take guidance to keep these spaces both safe and welcoming during this time.

The guidance can be found here

If you have any questions, please do feel free to reach out to me or Sarah, we’re here for you as much as you need us.


Deanery Secretary

14 Jul

Message from the Archdeacon

Archdeacon’s Update

The speed with which things are changing means that any detail I might write about re-opening our churches & buildings could be out-of-date within days (hours?)…

However, the main CofE Covid-19 page contains links to all the relevant guidance (church and government) and is updated very regularly. In the meantime, a few key links to note and use:

If in doubt, do contact your Area Dean Sarah Guinness and/or me – between us we’ll find a sensible way through the complications and questions that we’re all dealing with.

Praying for wisdom, energy, and grace in the coming days.


22 Apr

Updates and Useful information 20th April 2020

Dear Friends,

Following Thursday’s Zoom meeting, below is a list of important information for clergy to know during the current COVID-19 outbreak. This is a long email, but please do read through to the end!

Funeral Information

  • Funerals are currently being organised locally by Funeral Directors. The centralised system is available, but most people are just using the normal means of contacting clergy. If you are isolating and unable to do any funerals at the moment or have more than you’ve got capacity for, please email me as we can help to share the load.
  • Funeral Fees are currently waived. This is an expectation rather than guidance and applies whether the deceased is a COVID19 death or not. Please make sure your local Funeral Director’s know about this.
  • Funeral Pastoral Care for Clergy is available in the Kensington area from John Ryeland. He can put you in touch with a wide range of services that might prove helpful, such as a listening ear, prayer, psychotherapy and more. Email: john.ryeland@london.anglican.org
  • New Funeral Standards have now been released by London’s Strategic Coordination Group (SCG), please do familiarise yourself with them (available here) and let me know if you have any questions. The press release from SCG is here
  • Liturgy for Thanksgiving and Memorial Services for future use are currently being put together. Watch this space for the update on this along with any new liturgy.

Community Care

  • The Food Bank at St Paul’s Hounslow has capacity to deliver more widely so do refer people if you need to. The Referral pack isavailable here.
  • They would also appreciate additional volunteers to sort the food into bags in preparation to be collected/delivered. If anyone has volunteers who are under 70 and don’t have any underlying health conditions please email Revd Claire Clarke with their name, email address and telephone number so they can be added to the list of volunteer helpers.
  • Do people in your community need meals? Working with charities, the landlord of the Anglers Pub in Teddington is making meals that are frozen and can be delivered to vulnerable or older people who are isolating. Delivery and collection are available. They are still working out the logistics, but if you want to know more please click here, or contact Ben (07921 331508) or Jamie (07900 681167).
  • Looking for more sources of help? The Hounslow Rotary Club has put together this useful document that outline areas you can go to for different problems

TrainingBuilding Church during the COVID19 crisis. This week’s zoom, on Thursday 23rd at 2pm, will be an hour with Daniel Mackintosh, from Citizens, focusing on Community Organising and Congregational Life.

How could our congregations be different coming out of Covid19? We barely had a chance to plan upon entering this crisis, but we can plan for how we come out of it. Churches are adapting and finding new ways to grow and deepen in this moment. To build on that join us for an hour to share stories of how community organising, through organising charity Citizens UK, has been used to strengthen congregational life, develop those who have stepped up to leadership and inspire innovation in church practice.

Join the  Zoom Meeting on Thursday 23rd of April at 2pm
Click this link (https://zoom.us/j/334060828) or use the meeting ID: 334 060 828

Financial Support

  • Giving to Churches. Churches are taking different approaches to encourage ongoing financial giving from the congregation during this crisis. Some are putting links to giving pages/ via church suite on their website, another church is using DONATE by text to encourage people to give as they don’t seem to take a percentage (details can be found here), others are putting BACS information on church emails so that people are encouraged to keep giving, despite not being at church.
  • Helping people during the Crisis. Capital Mass has published this guidance to helping people financially during this crisis, we really do encourage taking a look through.

If you’re not on the clergy WhatsApp group please send me an email with your mobile and I’ll add you to the group.

I hope to see as many of you as possible on Thursday 23rd at 2pm for the training on Building Church during the COVID crisis.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch,

07 Apr

Funeral Guidance during the Covid-19 Outbreak

Thank you so much to everyone who has volunteered to help with funerals during this difficult time. For your information, with effect from 6 April 2020, the London Diocesan Fund authorises parishes and their clergy to waive all fees for funerals, whether due to the PCC, or Diocese.  This is due to the COVID 19 / Coronavirus, and will be in place until 30 June 2020 when this matter will be considered again.
At the bottom of this post, please see four documents supplied by the diocese to assist in your funeral arrangements during this time. The areas we would like to highlight to you are:
  • The Central point of contact for all churches in the Diocese of London: funerals@london.anglican.org / 020 3837 5008 from Wednesday 8th April, from 8am to 10pm 7 days a week.
  • Every funeral should have a celebrant
  • Shortened services – see Funeral Ministry Info below
  • Pass the details of funerals you take to keiron.ronan@london.anglican.org
  • Consider Memorial services at a later date

Funeral Ministry Information. The updated briefing paper that has been issued to Area Deans is available here.

Funeral Directors.  For details of a central funeral line for you to pass to your local funeral directors at your discretion please click here

Clergy Support Team. A list of those available to support clergy who are officiating at funerals is available here.

Supporting Ministers in Funeral Ministry. The notes from Hilary Ison for those taking funerals can be found here.

01 Oct

Autumn Deanery Synod: an Evening with Bishop Graham

We are delighted that The Bishop of Kensington, the Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin will be joining us for the next Deanery Synod, to be held at 7.30pm on the 4th of December. The event will be hosted by Christ Church Feltham.

Bishop Graham is going, among other things, to speak about and officially launch the Deanery Mission to be held in the Borough of Hounslow, across our churches, in June 2020.

If you would like to register your interest in this event, please click here to allow the wonderful team at Christ Church to cater appropriately. We look forward to seeing you there!

15 Jan

The Power of Invitation

The Power of Invitation

7.30pm Monday February 4th 2018 – St Michaels Church, Elmwood Road, W4 3DY

Join us at the first Deanery Synod of 2019 where Hounslow Deanery Synod is delighted to host international speaker Michael Harvey. Michael has spoken to thousands of church leaders in his Seminars and has to date seen hundreds of thousands of Christians mobilised to invite others to church services and events. He launched the first National Weekend of Invitation in June 2018 and is author of the books ‘Unlocking the Growth’ and ‘Creating a Culture of Invitation’. As an itinerant speaker he has a ministry across 18 countries and 5 continents and in February he will join us to unwrap the topic of evangelism in a whole new way.

Following Michael’s talk we will have time  time for questions, and the sharing of resources and good practice. As always, we will finish by 9pm.

If you would like to register your interest please sign up here