09 Nov

Deanery Synod Workshops

Our Connect Deanery Synod evening (Monday 10th November 2014) will offer six short workshops for participants to choose between:


The Church Website – creating, shaping and promoting your church’s online presence

This workshop, let by John Graham, will focus on the visual design aspects of a church website, what it might or should contain and how it can connect with those on the outside of church life considering coming along.

How to walk the talk. The power of joined up communications

Stuart Smith helps us think about how we communicate our church’s message, vision and values to our community and neighbours. He’ll be taking us beyond ‘the website’ to the whole of a church’s image and (you might even say) “brand”.

Beyond Email

A ‘why’ and ‘how’ guide to online collaboration aimed at members of a church team e.g. PCC, Finance. John Farr will take you through some of the opportunities that exist and the rewards gained from sharing information securely online and cover some of the technologies available.

 Administrating a WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the most popular website ‘engines’ on the internet, making possible everything from simple one-page sites to those run by multinational corporations. Many churches use it, partly because it can be made very simple for non-Geeks to edit and create pages for their site. If you already run a site and would like a guided tour of some of the tips and tricks, or have been considering setting one up, Ant Kelly is your man!


Social Media for Clergy and Church Leaders

Rev Richard Moy

 The Internet for non-Internet Users

Don’t know your facebook from your instagram, your wordpress from your blogger? For those who either don’t use a computer or simply don’t get what the ‘fuss’ is all about, Richard Frank will give a guided tour of the internet and especially the ways in which churches can or have used it for good.


28 Oct

Connecting – Synod on 10th November 2014


Hounslow Deanery Synod

Monday 10th November 7.30 for 8pm at All Souls Church

This term’s Synod on Monday 10th November will explore the use of technology (especially the internet) by the local church, to connect with congregation and parish.

Programme as follows:

  • Refreshments from 7.30pm
    …”Critique our website” available over coffee from website designers
  • 8pm – Presentation: The Ten Commandments of the internet for churches
  • 8.15 – Workshops: short, practical sessions with experienced speakers, including:·
    • Internet for non-users
    • Improving/planning a church website
    • Does your church have a ‘brand’?
    • Social media for clergy
  • 9pm – Synod Business
  • 9.30 (latest) – Close

This is a session intended for all those interested in the subject (as well as Synod members), so please do forward this to any in your church to whom it is relevant.

If you have a church website, why not take a fresh look at it before you come – there’ll be the chance to have it (positively!) critiqued over coffee before our 8pm start (and to eavesdrop on others doing the same thing!).

All our speakers are professionals involved in working with churches (and other organisations) in helping them make the most of the internet and social media. I’m very grateful for their willingness to be involved – hope you’ll be able to join us in a few days’ time here at All Souls.

All Souls Church, Northcote Road, TW1 1PB
Parking immediately around church is limited – please leave time to find parking nearby.

See you then!

Richard Frank (Rev)
Vicar, All Souls Church