04 Feb

Diocesan Synod By-Elections

Nomination & Elections – the time has come!

As was mentioned during the last Deanery Synod, the recent London Diocesan Synod election has left the Hounslow Deanery with 3 clergy and 3 lay member vacancies unfilled. We are now looking to fill these slots with a by-election. If you or someone you know would like to represent our Deanery on the Diocesan Synod then please do complete a nomination form.

Below are the links to the nomination forms for this election, along with the formal notice of an election as required by the synod regulations. Please do review these forms and nominate those who you think would best serve both the Deanery and the wider Diocese. It’s worth noting that per voting regulations nomination forms can be received via email, in person or via post to the details listed only. All nominations must be received by the 25th February 2022..

If we receive more nominations than vacancies, this will be followed by an election and, if required, voting forms will be sent out on the morning of the 28th of February..

The formal notice of an election is here
The Nomination form for clergy is here
The Nomination form for lay members is here
Yours in Christ,

Deanery Secretary

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